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It is no secret that we have amazingly low prices for designing and creating websites. We also work with you to ensure that your UVP (unique value proposition) is clear, and front & centre on your website; utilising sound sales psychology to maximise your opportunity to have potential customers click through and contact you.

We only charge you for the actual time we spend doing your website. We think that is fair, and means we sleep well at night without doing mental gymnastics to justify our prices.


WordPress is an incredible free piece of software made to help non-coders develop and maintain websites. You can read our short description about it here.

So, a popular option to create a website is to choose a WordPress Template as a base. Millions and millions of websites have been made by using a WordPress template. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for websites in the world.

Advantages of WordPress

As the most popular Content Management System in the world, WordPress has been tested extensively, and continues to be tested daily, proving to be resilient, secure, as well as free. A big advantage of WordPress is that once your website is finished and published, the learning curve for making changes to website content or adding a new post is not too difficult. We can teach you or your designated staff how to do this. Of course, using your own staff to maintain the website content brings you even more savings in the long run. 

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Static Website

A static website purely displays information, with the same web pages delivered to any visitor. Imagine having a 4-5 page brochure advertising your business, and putting these pages online along with information on how to contact you. This would be a type of static site and you can see an example at Sharovon. This is in contrast to a website that has functionality and can deliver different pages according to visitor input. For example, any website that has a log-in, or shopping cart, or fields to input information that is then analyzed with custom results page delivered. These cannot be delivered through a static site.

Many customers just want a static site to display their business information including how to contact them. WTF-Websites has put together a great package for these types of clients, delivering a comprehensive informational website of up to 5 pages, guidance on how to structure the information to get potential clients to click that email link and contact you, and free hosting! For more information please feel free to contact us. 

Enhanced Website and Web Apps

We define an Enhanced Website as anything that doesn’t fit the criteria of a Static Website as described above. An Enhanced website requires a CMS such as WordPress, which in turn needs to include a Web Hosting package. An Enhanced Website includes the benefits of being created on a CMS, such as WordPress, and business specific email addresses etc. An example of an Enhanced Website is Tweak Management

Web Apps have the functionality of an App made for your mobile phone, but are delivered through a webpage rather than an app through iTunes or Android Play Store. The benefits of this route include reducing coding cost (i.e. can design one app for the web rather than 2 apps – one for Android and one for Apple), avoiding sharing revenue with Apple or Android, and avoid censorship or restrictions by Apple or Android. Another advantage is that a web app can be loaded and used on a laptop or desktop.


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