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WTF-Websites is the most cost effective and risk-free way to start a website and find customers online! Frankly the price to design and create a website is too high. Why is that? Computers originally started out as very expensive and dropped in price as economies of scale kicked in; the same has not happened in website creation. We decided to directly address this by providing high-quality websites at the right price. If you are a small business or only have a few people in your company, or just require something straight-forward and have been quoted more than a thousand dollars to create a website, then you may be paying too much. We can design a high-quality website for you at an incredibly low price, that is fast and secure.


Looking for an affordable website for your small business that is under $500? You just want a simple website, 5 pages max, to advertise your amazing unique offer, and provide a simple way for qualified customers to contact you.

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Need a modern, amazing looking website along with business specific email addresses to match? A website where you can edit the text if needed? Perhaps you need a web app where customers can enter data and get feedback?

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What Our Clients Say

A professional website with our own email addresses - exactly what we wanted!

It was our first time getting a website and honestly the prices quoted from other companies were very expensive. Luckily we found WTF-Websites and couldn't believe the great price they gave us. The process was smooth and painless and they were wonderful to work with. Highly recommend them.

Tweak Management

I am delighted with the website you created for me

I did not want a complex site, just a window to the world. The website fulfils my brief. Thank you.



We are down to earth, low-key, respectful, and delighted to please our customers